Brian K Flynn

Responsibilities include managing the mobile workforce side of the Southern Cross Corp and coordinating each project with each particular client and their specific needs. I work on several projects in several locations nationally; directly supervising 65+ technicians and project supervisors overseeing 30+ projects across the nation.

Developed the 2011 safety program including implementing new policies and procedures as well as new training materials.

Managed the start-up project of gas meter installation and relight program in South Carolina, including hiring and supervising of personnel, meeting deadlines, performing payroll duties, performing audits and reporting to upper management. Meter Installation and Relight.

Field Experience: Worked as a field leak survey and repair technician, auditor, trainer Field Supervisor. Received promotion to start-up manager responsible for hiring, training and supervising technicians. Also responsible for coordination of data between Southern Cross and gas companies. Projects worked on include 35 of the lower 48 states.

Safety Program: Developer and subcommittee leader of the 2011 Safety Program. Developing new training materials, including a web page, as well as procedures and policies.