Margaret Walsh

Margaret Walsh

"Several years ago I had a period of severe anxiety due to the circumstances in my life. At about the time when I thought I was about to go under, I met a lady who called herself a life coach. Not only did she help me to deal with my emotional problems and anxiety, but she also helped me to cut through the clutter in my brain and my life - this led to me being able to get back on track and to start functioning again."

"The value in having someone objective and not emotionally invested in my life to talk to was invaluable. "

Because of the wonderful work that this lady did, I decided that I would also like to help people in the same way. So, as soon as I was standing securely on my own feet I trained as a life coach and recently as a Psychotherapist

I have also added hypnotherapy, EMDT and nutrition to my professional toolbox

"I firmly believe that the way to wellbeing is to treat mind, body and soul, so I do take a very holistic view to my therapy sessions"

Whatever you are going through, please don't feel that you are alone. I am here and I am ready to help. If you are unable to come to my consulting rooms I am always happy to talk via Skype, phone or come to you.