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Get to know the History of the Bank of all Angolans

• In December, the growing Commercial Network reaches a total of 167 Branches, 139 Agencies, 15 Corporate Centres, 8 Investment Centres and 5 Banking Service Posts.
• Our Branches in the province of Luanda boast a 20% market share, reaching from a total of 498.

• Launch of the BFA SMS service for individual Customers.
• Start of the eMudar@BFA project, which provides the Bank with an automated system for managing its procedures.
• Signing of the Bankita Program Agreement with the BNA.

• Creation of a Central Repository within an existing and dynamic information system to improve Customer service in terms of volume of queries and document requests met.

• Expansion of the Commercial Network to 129 Branches.
• Launch of the BFA Savings Plan product and Western Union services.

• Change in the shareholding structure resulting from sale of 49.9% of BFA´s share capital to Unitel.
• The Investment Centre network expands to the province of Benguela, with the opening of the first Investment Centre in Lobito.
• Launch of the BFA Super Savings product, the primary source of new funds for the Bank, namely in USD.

• Expansion of the Commercial Network continues, totalling 96 Branches, 83 Agencies, 7 Corporate Centres, 4 Investment Centres and 2 Banking Service Posts.
• In partnership with VISA and EMIS, BFA becomes the first Bank to offer Credit and Debit Card cash withdrawals at all of its ATMs.

• Faster expansion of the Commercial Network and customer segmentation, with the opening of the first Investment Centre.

• The Social Fund is established with three main focus: Education, Health and Social Solidarity.
• BFA launches the BFA Gold Card, the first Credit Card in Angola.

• BFA begins segmenting the Commercial Network, with the opening of its first three Corporate Centres.

• Opening of the new Headquarters in Luanda, highlighting the strength of the BFA brand in the Angolan market.

• BFA becomes an autonomous entity under Angolan law.

• BPI Group acquires BFE; the beginning of the Group´s aggressive expansion in Angola.

• BFE expands its presence by opening a branch in Luanda. T

• The old Banco de Fomento Exterior – BFE opens a representative office in Luanda.