Bryan Forbes

Brand Strategy and Digital Marketing Lead in Chicago, IL

As a seasoned strategic planner with a decade of experience, I’ve seen the blurring of traditional and digital media and the convergence of communication channels cause agencies and brands to struggle with understanding the ‘wild-west’ of marketing communications and advertising. Bridging the gap and fostering the delicate relationship between strategy, business development, and creative development is a Bryan Forbes specialty.

I’ve honed a distinct and honest style for recognizing consumer beliefs and behaviors that help makes sense of and unravel the problems posed in the new age of advertising. I bring creativity to the forefront on every task and in all mediums. I’m able to pinpoint problems, develop strategic plans and validate findings to deliver successful solutions. If you’ve used a Dell computer, enjoyed a Budweiser product, shopped for groceries at Safeway, noshed on Frito-Lay chips or wondered “What’s in Your Wallet”, I’ve been able to talk to you.

  • Work
    • Digital Lead, Cengage Learning
  • Education
    • BA's in Political Science & Anthropology; MA Strategic Brand Planning