BilBon Franks

We are Bil Franks and Bon Franks, authors of the four-saga series "The Twilight of Magic."

Our first novel, Running Over Rainbows, debuted in January and can be found in all popular venues. The amazon link is

The next in the series, Hidden by the Rose, was published March 22 and can be found also at the Zon,

Children of the Dust was released May 17 and can be found here:

Look for the final saga, Where Wild Ponies Ran, in July 2013.

Imagine a time and a place 1500 years ago, when the vaunted Roman makers of roads and imposers of civilizations, were called back to Mother Rome. What was left in their wake? The great swath of western Britannia coastline called The Saxon Shore...the mighty fortress of Deva Victrix to the east...and to the south, the middle kingdom of Londinium. The island of Ireland was a mystery and a place to shun by all but a few stalwart priests.

One young girl and a group of friends, starting in the province of Lindum (modern Lincoln), undergo a series of adventures which see the crumbling of two mighty edifices: the country of Britannia and the world of mythology and magic.

Caylith and company meet an aged aunt...a murderous commander...a centuries-old relative...dwarves, elves, gnomes...and especially the one man who would end the magic and guide the world to the light—the man who would become St. Patrick.

Caylith grows from a cranky teen to a beautiful, accomplished young woman: still peevish, still naive, but determined to help her people and her old friend Patrick.

  • Work
    • MuseItUp Publishing
  • Education
    • Bil, Univ. of TX at Austin; Bon, Univ. of So. Calif.