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Barbara Gabel

As a railroad brat, I traveled throughout the states before marrying into the military. As a dependent, I found my love and home in Alaska. The color pallete and mountains of Alaska kept my art brushes busy.

In 1989 I obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications at CSU Bakersfield. There I discovered my writing skills as a reporter. Taking this knowledge to the road, I wrote for several trucking magazines while driving cross-country in an eighteen-wheeler.

Returning to Bakersfield, I worked in the community college and published articles in the local magazines, newspapers, and wrote several books in my spare time. I also coordinated several Writers’ Conferences as the president of the local writers’ club.

In January 2000, I moved to Los Angeles to work at USC, and graduated in 2006 with my first Masters in Professional Writing. I sought a second Masters at USC, Annenberg School for Communications but moved back to my beloved Alaska before finishing.

Today, I live in Fairbanks, working for a family owned airline. I did work at the University of Alaska near the Anthropology department, whose chair was a forensic anthropologist and consulted for the FBI.

And, of course, my art brushes are busy once again.