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Hey there! I'm the admin of @lancekind on Instagram. I mainly post edits, and occasionally repost fanart.


First and foremost, I want to say that I do not own any of the art used on my account unless otherwise stated. Though I try my best to give credit to every artist, I sometimes cannot find the original owner of an animation, video, piece of fanart, and so on. Furthermore, I sometimes may not be able to find the name of a song/remix/etc. Regardless of this, I do not take credit for any work that isn't mine. I may also use overlays/transitions/etc. that I get from other IG accounts. I'll credit them if necessary. All I do is repost art/video or manipulate art/videos to make edits- nothing more.

Video Editing Apps:


-Video Star

-Cute Cut

-Chromic (video filters)

-Vont (text on videos w/ animations)

-Video Crop (allows you to crop videos)

-NoCrop Video (allows to you give a video a border)

-spektrum (fun to mess around with; used for making short and simple music videos)

-Crop Video Square (image borders)


Image Editing Apps:



-Phonto (text on images; wide variety of fonts as well as the ability to download your own off of the internet)

-Clipcrop (image borders)

-Photoshop Express

-Color Effects


Video Downloading Apps:

-Best Video (used to download videos off of the internet; can work for youtube videos)

-Turbo Downloader (read above)

-SaveGram (used to save videos off of instragam; has no watermark and is free as far as I know)


Don't be shy about contacting me! I have a kik, skype, and I'm good with DMs. I won't skype someone (video-wise) without knowing them a bit first, though.



The artwork used here was drawn by ikimaru on tumblr.