Bertha Garcia

Fontana California

Hello, My name is Bertha Garcia as you can see I have been a Tax Preparer for the past 13 years. I have worked for B Garcia Tax Services for the past 16 years. I started off as a secretary or office assistant. I really did not have a title, because I had to do a little bit of everything. Actually so you can understand me a little better, I was working for my Father at home, His name is Guillermo Garcia, better known as Mr. Bill Garcia. My father started his own home based Tax Business from Scratch. He already had a few customer from his past employment where he was a car salesman. He actually worked at Citrus Ford Motor Comapany in Ontario. And as far as I could remember he sold cars probably most of my childhood life. i loved it because we always had a new car of the year. Not just that we got to try out lots of new cars. And when we went on Vacation in the Summertime we always got to go in a nice big cars. Well looks like I better slow down. Let's get back to me , Right. Well getting back to my job. I can honestly say that if you wanted to make some extra money during the tax season. Do not hesitate. It is probably the easiest way to make money online today. Actually I am writting a blog that I will probably posting by the end of this month that shows you step by step how to start your own tax business at home. You will like it I will make it as easy as I can. Your probably thinking why don't I open my own tax Business if this really works. Well I do taxes on my spare time at home. But I have all of my regular customers going to see me at the office. And those customers are my fathers customers, he is the one that started the business only through word of mouth. My father did retire and he left the business to my older brother so he could help me and my younger sister out. But this past year after running the business for one year he and his wife decided to take us off the ownership contract that we signed at the bank with my father present. That was supposed to be a family owned business between the three of us forming the business as a partnership corporation. And this year me and my sister came to find out that we were no longer owners of the business. We never were told that they changed the ownership papers and that our share of the business was just cancelled by my brother and my father. So I am not the one to fight over things like this because it was my fathers decision so they say and it's my older brother and Even though I have been the o

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