Bruno Gurgel


Like many other people, I think self writing is a quite hard job. But don't go away, I'll try to make this easy for you to read as I just made this easy for me to write.

I'm from Brazil, borned in São Paulo Apr/88. I grew up in town, always studied in the same schooll called Externato Paraíso. Diferent of many people I know, I choosed to course a Technnical High School were my passion in technnolgy information has began. I got hired by my own school to help with the labs manteinin, had my first Linux experience and discovery that life means essentily freedom and colaboration.

To keep going in my studies in computer technnology, I ran a technologist degree course called Network Computers. The technnologist degree is a specific kind of degree not present in all countries. At this time I already worked only with Linux in one of the largest open source companies in Brazil, 4Linux. There I could learn linux, services, some coding skills, and were I understand that people makes the environment much more intresting than just technicall instruments.

I`ve been at 4Linux for 6 years were I decide to get out of my confort zone and apply for another challenge, work for one of the biggest TV Channels in Brazil, Rede Record on There I could understand how big things can be. Elections live stream, Reality Shows Results, Huge Blogs and a full portal to learn were the business join the technology. I've been ther for only a year. I do learn a lot but I feel like business was my real motivation in work.

At the time, I already cousing my pos-graduation in Businss Administration, opening my mind out of IT. I reveived an job offer from an big HR Consultancy called Robert Half, later I discovery that was Ambev.

It's my second year in Ambev, and for real, this is the best place to merge top technologies with real business. I run a year into innovation role, and know my main role is be project manager for digital marketing demands, that's also a big challenge looking the number of brands.

Whats my objective of life? . . . I'm already happy so, maybe work to continue and improve my happiness is a good start, but I fell like I don't belong only my country, so I'm planning to work a bit overseas.

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