Barry Gladstone

Musician, Artist, and Project Manager in Houston, Texas

As the founder and creator of the exceptionally powerful BPT System, Mr. Barry Gladstone has also been empowering more and more foreign nationals to become investors in the American dream of home ownership no matter how complicated their credit score is. Mr. Gladstone has spoken in real estate investment clubs and has also held real estate training seminars in plenty of major cities in America and Canada. He has also participated in real estate training seminars in major cities in Asia, including Bangkok, Manila Cebu, Tokyo, Macau, Kuala Lumpur, Guangzhou, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Professionally and socially known as a real estate guru, Mr. Gladstone is a creative thinker. Backed by 37 solid years as a real estate investor, Barry selflessly shares to others the revolutionary Reverse Close concept, where every home is already sold even before it is bought. A fantastic real estate trainer and investor, Mr. Gladstone promotes the patented BPT system, which helps families obtain the American dream of home ownership while being rewarded with the benefits of compounded returns.

Thanks to Barry Gladstone’s famous Investor Concierge Service, turnkey transactions are delivered on a silver platter. Vigorously, Mr. Gladstone promotes this BPT System that he created and founded in order to help more foreign nationals get a safe return in consistent rates on their investments in single family homes. Thanks to Barry’s unique and cutting-edge BPT System, families can select their homes of choice and thus obtain the American dream of home ownership, empowering them to make real choices they can stand by ultimately. For those types of investors, the primary requirement is quite easy to comply with. To qualify as a home buyer, the investor has to be able to provide a 15 percent down and then handle all closing costs. By encouraging home buyers to be fully committed both emotionally and financially to their home of choice, Barry ensures that they are extremely likely to pay regardless of how their credit score stands.