BG Moss

Mother in North Carolina

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Welcome! We are the dynamitic mother daughter duo from Northeastern North Carolina.

The founders of “The Reality Checks”. We created this outlet to express what happens in the lives of any mother, daughter, sister, aunt, or grandmother will have to experience. We have all been there, the daily hustle and bustle of balancing work and home. Even experiencing unexpected life situations that may occur.

“The Reality Checks”, is your ultimate guide to handling daily household chores, being the best gift giver in the family, planning those extra special family trips, and getting tips on how to make money while at home , yes while at home!

Furthermore, TRC is your safe haven to learn how to build, restore, or expand the relationships mothers and daughters (sister and sister, niece and aunts, you get the point lol) have together.

Just like anybody, we have a story to tell, and while telling it we decide to monetize the experience!!!!Most importantly, just like any victorious, phenomenal, inspiring woman you may know, we all have great talents.

“The Reality Checks” is also the gateway to find your unique gifts. We specialize in gifts such as diaper cakes and gift baskets for any occasion. We can’t forget, we offer unique gifts by having the one and only Gift Guide Interview, gifts designed to suit your satisfaction, by allowing you to tell us what your heart desire.

Wait, what are you waiting for, get to know us a little better, head on over to our site, and became our friends on all our social media outlets!!!!