Benito Gonzalez

Fort Worth, Texas, United States

My name is Benito Gonzalez. I am originally from South Texas but relocated to Fort Worth a few years ago. I received an Industrial Technology Bachelors from Texas A&M Kingsville and then pursued a degree in secondary education. I began my professional career as a high school computer teacher at the age of 21. 4 years later I decided to follow my dream and joined the Coast Guard Reserves.

Initially I thought teaching was my passion but I found that after about 5 years I was ready to try something different. On September 11, 2001 while teaching in the classroom, I witnessed the twin tower attacks and soon thereafter was involuntarily pulled to active duty in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. During my recall as an enlisted member I applied to a direct commission program and was selected to join the officer ranks or to what some may call the "dark side." I am one of a few who went to boot camp twice!

I enjoyed what was to be a 1-year recall, which turned into 6 years away from the classroom. While on active duty I completed 15 hours towards a Masters in General Management. Upon my release from Coast Guard Active Duty as a Lieutenant I decided I would pursue a different career path. I joined Halliburton as a fluids engineering and tried my luck in the oil field. I was recruited into an Industrial division of Halliburton in 2011 and have been steadily progressing within my organization. I am currently the Business Development lead in Texas for Industrial Drilling Fluids.

I knew to get to the next level in both my Coast Guard and Halliburton career I needed to complete a graduate degree. Early this year I completed my Masters in Management from Embry Riddle University, which helped with both of my careers. My careers and aspirations are to keep learning and become well rounded in business and management.

Earlier this year I pursued a Masters in Project Management and with 5 courses left, I decided the coursework was too fluffy and decided to switch to the Full Sail Business Intelligence Masters degree. I strongly believe I can benefit from what this degree has to offer.

  • Work
    • Halliburton
  • Education
    • University of Texas Brownsville
    • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
    • Full Sail University
    • Texas A&M University Kingsville