Bhakti Gholap

N finally God has been gifted me a very Great bless for which i was waiting too long. For that i am always thanks to God.

The most important thing in my life is my trust in the God n God bless always in my life. thank you god u fulfill my life. n its my great pleasure that i am your child.

I always try for no one should in trouble because of me.

N am always try to be your best child!

Just God keep me away from he...because he is not your child..he is devil.

More things r still remain to be happens....

It is just beginning.I have to do lots of thing. i have to become a perfect in all rolls. n definitely i will be....because i hate weaknesses.


Today i feeling so guilty n may be its a good for me. i don't have to destroy my life..n don't do over bhakti. its not about only your self its about your ethics your thoughts,the trust that your parents putted in you.n if my parents get hearts may be intentionally or unintentionally from me then there will be no right to me for live life. now be careful bhakti try to forget mistake u done n try to move on n strictly don't repeat this mistake again.

God if possible forgive me for my bad thoughts.

30 DEC 2015

N now all is depend on our final meeting. I it has to be happen it will otherwise I will not bother about that. I don't have to built a world record for best ..... in his life you don't have any space for your emotions. but I don't have to repeat those things. now next time if it happen it will be crime instead of mistake. if possible hey god fill some love for me in his heart. and help me to erase all those memories.

now the good days of my life has been started n I don't have to roll it to hell only for that single guy.


God thank you for this beautiful life. few days ago i saw a beautiful dream. I have to see beautiful places around the world. i have to feel my life at those places and now make my life more beautiful i have to complete this beautiful dream. I always work to complete my dream. thank you once again for always in my heart!

I am Happy...I have to make Others to happy..n i have to become happy forever.