Bhaktraj Singh

Chief executive officer of Hazelton Group in Toronto, Ontario

As Chief executive officer of Hazelton Group, Bhaktraj (or Raj) Singh directs the development and management of mid-rise residential condominium projects. In his position, he oversees all aspects of each Hazelton Group project, from selecting and acquiring land to delivery and registration. Bhaktraj also handles the hiring of architects, engineers, planning consultants, construction management and sales/marketing teams to execute each project.

Bhaktraj Singh has over two decades of experience leading businesses in multiple industries in Canada.

He is also very passionate about assisting in the development of Alzheimer's residences. With the rates of dementia and Alzheimer's on the rise, Bhaktraj believes this an issue that needs to be addressed within communities. Bhaktraj and his company, Adora, have captured the necessary key elements in their designs, and have plans on building Alzheimer's residences in Burlington, Ontario to supplement the shortage of care facilities.

Bhaktraj also has a keen interest in the technology sector and is currently preparing to launch a Tokenized Asset Offering under Digital Block, a security token offering platform based on ERC 20 tokens.

Bhaktraj Singh studied mergers and acquisitions through the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He earned a bachelor of science from York University, as well as a master of business administration from Florida International University. His educational background provided him with the building blocks necessary to become a successful business leader.

When he isn’t working, Bhaktraj Singh enjoys sports as well as participating in volunteer opportunities. He had the opportunity to play an important role in arranging a number of medical mission trips for doctors at the George Washington Medical Faculty Associates. Bhaktraj enjoys golfing, cycling, playing cricket, and following his favourite sports teams.