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Bhambri Enterprises

We, at Bhambri Enterprises, are recognized as a reliablemanufacturer, supplier, importer and exporter of solar energy products. A specialist in this domain, we are amongst the pioneers in manufacturing “King Sun” Evacuated Tube Collector Type Solar Water Heaters. These products are based on latest technology and are known for their higher efficiency and greater affordability.Our "King Sun" Solar Water Heaters are also recognized and approved by “The Ministry of New & Renewable Energy Sources" (MNRE).
Nestled in New Delhi, our inception began in the year 1991 and today we have established our presence across the globe. Over the years, we have designed and manufactured a diverse range of solar products that find their usage in varied applications and are appreciated for their innovative designs and quality.

Leaving our competitors far behind, we have progressed under the guidance of our owner Mr. Biren Bhambri. It is our technologically advanced unit and our experienced solar products making experts who bring high grade solar products that are superior in quality. These green power products that we have satisfy a number of clients from different industries. We believe in creating new possibilities in the field of renewable energy solutions.