Bradley Hampson

Winnipeg, MB

Having a fascination with cameras for as long as I could recall, in my mid-twenties I decided to study photography in the hopes of turning it into my career. While attending the Academy, I was privileged to study under two particularly influential shooters;

Ted Grant, one of Canada’s premier photojournalists.

Freeman Patterson, a master of composition and fine art.

Both of their words and works remain huge influences in my work. Ted instilled a love of light and people, while Freeman created a mind for line and colour. I also have been a long time admirer of Sebastião Salgado, whose work steels my breath and feeds some inner recess.

I shot for two or three years as a freelance photojournalist, but found some of the work distasteful. I have since realized that I am better suited to photo essays and hope to embark on one in the next year. Currently employed as an IT Professional, I am free to shot as and when it pleases me.

The Perfect Day

One with misty mornings, no traffic, a long colourful magic hour, and a call from Magnum just before bed as I sip a wee dram o’ Bowmore :

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    • CTO Public Sector
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    • MBA