Benjamin Handanyan

Benjamin Handanyan is one of the most experienced computer science undergraduates at the University of Delaware. His internships at Pfizer, one of the worlds premier biopharmaceutical companies, and at SevOne, a venture funded digital infrastructure management software company, make him an extremely talented software developer.

In his classes, Benjamin creates innovative and efficient software solutions to solve real-world problems. He and three classmates developed an application that stores custom bowling ball orders and allows them to be searched quickly. His project was selected as the best in the class by Seaford Bowling Lanes, a local Delaware bowling alley. The bowling alley plans to implement his application in the near future.

At the University of Delaware, Benjamin joined greek life in his freshman year. He has since been on his organization's executive board and an assistant on the University's Inter-fraternity Council. He also worked as a tutor for young computer science students, teaching them various topics ranging from simple syntax and functions to complex data structures and memory management. Benjamin also spent a year working for Professor Stephen Siegel in the Verified Software Laboratory as a research assistant.

When he isn't glued to his computer screen, Benjamin spends most of his time with close friends and family. He enjoys going to the gym, snowboarding, watching Netflix, and working on his subpar golf game. Pun intended.

Benjamin is entering his final semester pursuing a bachelor's degree in Computer and Information Sciences with a minor in Cybersecurity. Upon graduation, he plans to move back to New England where he spent his childhood. He will be searching for a challenging and intriguing software development position in the Boston area, close to his coolest uncle and not far from friends and family in his home state of Rhode Island.