Priyesh Bhandari

The story of M.C.B Exports began in the year 1998 in a very humble way. And now more than 15 years later, the MCB story is still being written. And now part of the story is helping you tell your’s – with home furnishings, decorative accessories, antiques, reproduction & recycled wood furniture, that allows you to express yourself through your home. At M.C.B Exports livable style & lasting quality come together to make furniture built for life.

Even as home styles have evolved over the years, M.C.B Exports has evolved too, keeping step with the fashion trends of the day, keeping tunes with the past. This dynamic & flexible spirit, which underlies everything that we do, is what has allowed us to continue growing our business and maintain our position as the top furniture exporters from the country. Today our company sells our furniture to over 120 independent retail stores, as well as several franchisee chain stores all across the globe.