Bhanu Prakash

Writer, Programmer, and Web Developer in Hyderabad, India

I have graduated with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad.

I'm passionate about programming and always wanted to learn more of it. Started reading various texts on programming and development, and also being participating in Q/A forums. I gained knowledge from various websites and built basic applications in Windows and Android.

Also worked on databases, supposed an IT company and developed its relational database with normalization and connected it to GUI using JDBC. Developed an application using which the users can know the details of employees by submitting a search query. Right now I'm working on the same project but replacing the GUI with a website using Apache HTTP Server, PHP and MySQL

I always love to share my knowledge. I've opened a channel on YouTube and named it Developer Bhanu and from that moment, I have been uploading programming tutorial videos.

On the other hand, I also write a lot and opened a blog to share my thoughts on life skills. The blog is titled 'Discover Yourself', and I've also decided to take course in English Literature while working and then write a book not so long from now.

Right now, I'm looking for job opportunities where I can put my skills into action.

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