Bhanu Singh

Bhanu Singh

With a deep pool of talent in my continuously growing network and an eye towards technical innovation, I'm consistently helping make connections that change the direction of companies and individuals alike. Always open to conversations that lead to mutually beneficial relationships and compelling career opportunities.

I've helped build teams for some of the hottest start-ups in India and USA and am constantly working on developing software and technical tools that change the way we do business in recruiting. I hire great people but also push the envelope of technical innovation with a desire to be the best in recruitment market. Way before I became a recruiter, I was working as an Analyst Programmer with Accenture . I then decided I also wanted to help build great teams and change businesses dynamically in more ways than one, so I decided to learn recruiting and become one of the best in the business.

Connect with me if you want to witness the true power of networking and relationship building.

* Expert Linkedin user who is well connected with thousands of global connections
* Excellent writer and communicator with top notch references
* Outstanding ability to find and hire passive talent while quickly filtering through active candidates
* Expert boolean search and algorithm analysis skills
* Computer science knowledge and strong engineering background
* Absolutely unflappable under pressure with the ability to stand tall under any and all circumstances

As one of the most connected people on Linkedin, I'm always building upon my substantial network of professionals and companies. Whether you are a fellow recruiter/HR person, a job seeker, an employer seeking help or a product marketer looking to innovate the recruiting space, reach out to me if you feel that we can add value to our respective networks and goals.

Some of my My Clients include Facebook, Twitter,Sanpchat, Tinder, SpaceX, Uber, Playhaven, Squadrun, YourStory,BlacQube, SoapBox Soaps livingsocial, Ecovent, CrowdStar, etc