Bharadwaj Vadodaria

I, Bharadwaj Vadodaria, located just a stone throw away from the Municipal Garden in Rajkot City. I can be completely random, and I am usually a very energetic person. My all time favorite colors are blue and orange, and I love creating art on the computer. I have a obtained degree in Fine Art/Graphic Design and photography from Ipcowala Saintram College of Fine Art- VV Nagar. olved in art and design since I could hold a crayon and see my first clean wall. Quickly learning you get in trouble when you draw all over the lounge room wall, I progressed to paper, then canvas, and now computer. I also have skills in Branding, Illustration, Flyers,Brochures,Corporate Identity & Flash Animation.

I like to focus on photography taken in natural lighting. Casual and natural is my style. I want to capture everything that is unique about a person, and I don't go by the rules of traditional photography. I will do all kinds of photography. Need portraits for your yearbook page or Wall art? No problem. Just been engaged? I can do that, too. :)