Bharat Batra

Bharat Batra

Hi, I’m Bharat and I come from London, South Africa and India, so it has been quite a voyage to Austin. I’m here to expand my horizons, meet some very smart people, learn about and improve myself and hopefully forge lifelong friendships.

From being the first non-white post-apartheid in my school in South Africa and experiencing racism firsthand, to almost becoming a Parisian chef, but fortunately listening to my elders’ advice and using my inherent number skills to study actuarial science, possibly the university’s toughest course at the time evidenced by students’ receding hairlines, to working in a variety of finance-focused sectors, it’s been quite an enriching journey.

Coming from a family of doctors, I’ve spent significant time in HIV-stricken hospitals, prompting me to assist in the building of a rural HIV clinic. I’ve also gained immense personal satisfaction from voluntarily teaching sports such as cricket and soccer as I understand their role in uniting people from diverse backgrounds.

I aim to pursue a career in Investment Management, eventually opening my own consulting firm in South Africa. Inspired by the industry’s fiduciary mindset, I undertook extensive work in the retirement-savings structures space in South Africa to reduce the astronomical fees paid by pensioners, and I plan to financially engineer cost-effective retirement-savings products with capital guarantee structures.

I’m confident, hardworking, ambitious, and have an analytical approach towards life. I consider myself fortunate to have the opportunity to interact with you during the Texas MBA program and learn from your experiences, emerging a more well-rounded leader set to achieve my goals.