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E-commerce, B2B Platform, and B2C Platform in Faridabad, India

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Bharat Vigyapan (भा₹त विज्ञापन) started in 2015 with classified ads services and also added few more services and enabled them on our platform e.g. b2b and b2c services, where we are helping our Indian manufacturers and suppliers to provide our platform to meet their business day to day needs, business directory services, informational services and more to come.

Being an Indian services provider, our vision & mission is to create an easy way to provide best business solutions to our Indian people, businesses to meet their business deadlines related to their product/services sales.

This is possible only by giving them an easy platform to sell their products in India and internationally and generate more leads and provide them quick buyers and suppliers.

Bharat Vigyapan giving thousands of products in over 34+ categories and 1100+ sub categories including lifestyle products like fashion accessories, home appliances and day to day needed products.

Thousands of buyers are available in across India to buy these products and to connect them with each other we have a resolution alike WhatsApp chat & email system to fulfil their requirements.

Bharat Vigyapan is also known as one of the historical name of India in advertising industry. We are generating new strategies and inventing new idea's to give more and more businesses to suppliers and manufacturers on every new day and also providing unique products to our buyers to meet and fulfil their needs.

Our platform and support can be accessed 24x7x365 thru desktop and now via mobiles also by our registered users in global language English.

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