Bharat Vigyapan

E-commerce, B2B Platform, and B2C Platform in Faridabad, India

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Bharat Vigyapan is an online market place for Indian businesses. We have started our operations in India in 2015 and we are constantly improving our services and area of interest. Currently we are providing this platform where you can get 1000+ queries in a day and 100+ qualified leads here.

Our Vision:

It is our vision to build a successful community that users trust exists among each member of the community. Wedon't like our system to be used as a medium to cheat people, as such we will endeavor to do our best, to provide ourmembers a community that builds and develop integrity among its user base. We would like to distance ourselves toadvertisement that caters to easy money marketing scheme or multi-level marketing scheme without selling any realproducts or businesses that promotes high profits return for small investment. If your business falls on one of thoseplease don't published it here, as we will surely remove it, sorry but we don't support and believe those concepts. Wewill always delete those advertisement when it appears on our system.

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