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Sometimes you have to be lost to find somethings that can't be found.

This photograph is taken in Ooty, India. This place is called as the "Devil's gap" . We set out on a mission to explore this place and get some photographs out for the entire world to see. There's no existing photograph of this place and this has to be the first of its kind to be out here on a public form. This exotic place was untouched and unexplored for decades all together and how do i know that? If you see fungus and mushrooms growing up from the middle of the road and morses as high as your knee gaurds, its never good news for a biker who is lost in a forest full of animals. Making things worse were leopards and NIlgai's. When you have no where to go and every trail that you take leads you to a dead end, you start to wonder if this is how everything winds up.!

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