Bharath Kummar

aBouT BAthu dh cbE cHangE..: Rule No:1-I'm always right.. Rule No:2-In case I'm wrong See Rule No:1

iiM trustworthy,, amicable,, blah..blah..!! :-p i M a quieTt personn at firstt but oNCEe i get tooo knoww you i talk way wayYY moReee :-D laughing all dh time:) :) :) :) and yea m Narcissist...

imm extremlyy friendlYY nd someetimes i caAn hav bestestest buDdiES easily :) :] # Dhr iz a dark side inn me, comes out when m low. Brings out the best and d worst inn me. :O I believe dht evrythng inn life iz Cause nd effect. Can be Trusted wit any secrets, shhh ! *Cross My Heart * # ^ _^ :EeE]
Well check it out yorslf eM not here tu sell myslf so iff ur intrested check it out by ur own.. :P

1. tO alL mA haterS, reMeMbeR, itS mInD ovEr matTeR: i dOn`t mInD & yOu dOn`t matTeR!

2. >>ladieS fiS prettY ladieS sooneR . . . <<

3."Don't judge meh onn wot pple hav told yew,Get to know me first". . . !!!

LifEe iss shORtt:] bReaKk dhee rulEes:-) FoRgivVe qUicklly :-):] kisssS sloWLy :-p lOV truElY :| :] lauGHh uNconTrollyablyY nd nevEEr reGreeT anYTiimE thAat maDee youUu smileEe :-) ▂ ▃ ▅ ▆ █ █ ▆ ▅ ▃ ▂

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