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Rohit Bhardwaj

My name is Rohit and I work in the capacity of an Account Manager at WizIQ – World’s Fastest Growing Virtual Classroom Platform.WizIQ provides different platforms for Teachers, Students, Educational Sector, Large and Medium Business.WizIQ is especially known for its extra ordinary and extremely user-friendly features, cost-effective pricing structure and the most reliable support services when compared to other Web Conferencing players like WebEx, GoToMeeting and Adobe connect. WizIQ can be easily integrated with Moodle, Blackboard and any other LMS/CMS and Websites.WizIQ Provides API’s to Integrate with Websites and have single Login to conduct events. More information on API Visit : solutionWizIQis an easy-to-use LMS with outstanding features, in-built virtual classroom and spectacular interface. We are hosted on world’s most reliable and robust hosting platform (Amazon CDN) which is trusted by millions of organizations across the world.WizIQ provides effective and easy-to-use online training tools helping you focus simply on your training. We take care of the rest of the things.WizIQ offers the capability to instantly scale to accommodate your growth –multiple trainer accounts, unlimited enrolled learners, unlimited courses, large storage spaces, and more.