Bhasker pradeep


Hi friends , firstly thanks for visiting my profile, if you have a spare time to waste means waste it by reading about me. Or if you have a valuable time means deposit that time by sparing on reading about me. So either the time you have you must read it deadly, If u likes it or nt it doest matter because its mi life history not a movie or story to make in our favorable way.......


My name is [full name] : B. Bhasker Pradeep.
My friends usually call me as Pradeep.
My Parents call me as Deepu
My relatives call me as Tinku
My friends [close to me] call me as Ashil

This is about the history of my names.
And coming about my history is……

Now I want to tell you a nice story about a person (me)

Story begins……………

…………………….Long back ago On 1989, the ending of that year i.e on December, ending days of that month i.e on 27th, ending of that day i.e at 9.40pm a gorgeous child was born with a glorious, charming, handsome, personality. His name is Bhasker pradeep, where the bhasker tends lord surya the sun and pradeep tends for the glow, shine.. So he is the glow, shine and power of the Sun. and its Me……

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