Vaibhav Bhat

Bangalore, India

Hello, I may write a hell lot of story in this space to say that I'm the best but at the very next moment u may not agree cos u have a different point of view about judging people or u may have a different there is no sense in writing about myself... And if at all u like to know about me then there r many other ways other than going through this..people who wants to know about me will know by one or the other way, they don't require any brief description.. I expect u to b little creative if at all u want to know about me.. I understand almost everything but do not accept them all. I ignore things completely but give attention to every single detail of ignoring. Repenting for many mistakes that i did in the past, though cherishing every moment that i passed through. Whatever it is, Everybody in this world are selfish and culprits in one or the other way.. So I always tell my brother that 'Life is a gamble, Play It Legally'. My gamble so far has remained legal n have a immense ambition to end it royally as well as legally. I have my own way of thinking which others may find it weird but I believe in them cos they are born in me. I'm ready to build any kind of relationship wit anybody but i dont wanna name it cos wen u do so, u will have to restrict yourself... And if I like anything or anybody I'm ready to do anything for it.. I have an attitude not to please anybody but for myself. I know u r puzzled..if u don't understand me, i don't have any damn problem..but i have one more puzzle to u- "I’m what I’m!! Determined, Devoted, Stubborn, Patient. I can be the most difficult person around and the most caring. I break all barriers when in love, but do I really fall in love? Like me or Spike me..I’m just ‘ME’ , I’m Vaibhav".

  • Work
    • IMRB International
  • Education
    • Sri Sadguru High School, Chikmangalur
    • SSHS Basarikatte
    • IFIM B School
    • SDM College, Ujire
    • IFIM Business School