Bhaumik Mistry

Software Engineer and Artist in Jersey City, New Jersey

Having completed my undergraduate course in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering, one topic caught my eye, i.e. Image processing. I enjoyed all the aspects of this topic from pixel manipulation to the final execution. With the thought of achieving deep knowledge I did my masters in Electrical engineering with focus on image processing and computer vision from New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Algorithm Design Experience –

Under the guidance of Dr. Yun Shi, my guide for Masters project and an Independent research at Njit, we had a 1-year research time where we worked on Seam carving and Seam insertion topic. As Dr. Shi is know for the Data hiding and watermarking publications, we explored the Detection of image tampering of manipulated images with Seam carving and seam insertion.

Design Experience

– I have significant experience developing FPGA and VHDL designs. With course like DSP lab with FPGA and CUDA and Computer Arithmetic Algorithm, I learned how the basic tasks are done on the hardware level. As per the current market trend, to get the maximum speed and low power supply the FPGAs are used for low latency task. I have done a project on VWAP and TWAP which are algorithm-trading terms which needs to be executed with accuracy and low latency using FPGA boards.

Android application Experiences

– I have significant experience working in a research and development environment. My 4-month research assistance experience at Intelligent Transportation System, Njit, a transportation-dedicated lab, was a great learning experience. I developed android application prototype, managerial and behavioral skills.

Strong Electronics Background & Analytical Skills – I also excelled at various classes related to the Digital signal processing technologies such as Signal Processing, Image Processing, Random Signal Analysis, and Applied Mathematics, which were math-based. Therefore, I am strong at analyzing and solving problems.

Software Skills

– I have learned various programming languages and tools related to my courses such as python, MATLAB, C++, VHDL, Java and Android studio during my undergraduate and masters degree. Furthermore, I have 2 years of experience with MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint

  • Education
    • New Jersey Institute of Technology