Bhavesh Katwale

初めまして。私はBhavesh katwaleニックネームです。学生。みなさんはじめまして!(How do you do? I am Bhavesh Katwale. Student. Nice to meet you all!)
Well, I am not a Japanese, but I just like the way Japanese introduce themselves to others, so I tried one. I hope that’s the correct way to introduce oneself.

I like singing, making loud sounds in corridor, smiling without reasons,

But, I laugh at most of things…

I like poking my friends, doodling in lectures, taking picures, listening to pop, jazz, RnB, instrumentals… some types of rocks… :)

I love to traveling a lot,

I hope I will have dozens of time and money to enjoy myself travelling around the world some time in future alone or with someone who also have passion to travel.. well *as soon as posibble *