Bhavik Joshi

Every now and then I pinch myself to see if I really am living, working and hanging out with some of the most gifted entrepreneurs, dedicated mentors and visionary investors in the world. I am.

For the past 4 years, I've had a front row seat in shaping the future of transportation and personal mobility by helping a small start up called Project Better Place, grow from 7 employees in one market in 2007 to nearly 600 employees in seven markets globally.

My first start up, the Berkeley Stanford Cleantech Conference, co-founded in 2007, has been a successful platform for engineering, policy and business students to transition their careers into the Clean Tech industry. US secretary of energy Steven Chu gave the keynote address at our 7th conference in April 2011.

The 21st century will belong to those who take leadership stakes by innovating a low carbon economy future. The "search" for scalable and repeatable business models toward this future is on at a furious pace.

I am extremely fortunate to now have a front row seat in redefining how entrepreneurship will been taught globally by being a teaching assistant to entrepreneurship guru Steve Blank's Lean LaunchPad class at my alma mater UC Berkeley and Columbia University as I work on launching my second start up.

I love road trips with my wife and dog. Road and mountain biking possess meditative qualities for me.