Bhavneek Singh

Hi! My name is Bhavneek and I am a HR guy.

My area of work includes OB, Talent Acquisition, Performance Management, Engagement, OD, HRIS, etc. My idea for an efficient HR department is simple:

1. HR has one job: business success

2. HR isn't the complaint department: or your kindergarten teacher.

3. We won't accept mediocrity in HR.

4. Nothing is sacred: We are going to think about everything we do.

5. We are not in charge of the holiday party anymore. Yeah, that's right. We have real jobs to do. See # 1.

6. Business is gonna want a seat at our table: You said, 'Our business is about our people". Now, with way fewer of them, it's gonna be true. Like scary true. Take a number.

7. Rules are for fools: We're tossing out the rule book. We're not the hall monitors anymore.

8. We're going to put the "human' back in Human Resources. They are not numbers on a spreadsheet. We will make sure that ( along with # 1) we remind ourselves everyday that what we do is about people. Mediocre people = mediocre business. Great people = great business.