Bhavnick Minhas

Paris (France)

So you want to know about me. It's just as if it was yesterday when I was so tired at night writting my biography that when I sat on my computer chair, I slept.the next day My computer automaticly woke me up showing the page.I was like "Oh come one, couldn't you tell me this earlier" and myt computer was like " When I try to tell you, you don't listen to me".When I realised ' how can a computer talk' and when I looked around it was my mom speaking from bhind my back.(FYI it was yesterday)

So enough talk. I was born in New Delhi at some hospital a 1302 hrs.Till 6 months I lived with my Maternal & Paternal grandparents; after which I went to MHOW in India.After living ther for 3 months , I travelled to Mumbai,Then Delhi,Then Assam,Then Meerut,Then Bangalore.After which I travelled to maseru , Lisotho,South Africa (near cape town).I went to a convent where the Queen daughter used to study.Travelled to Jambia, Botsavana, Jimbavai, Suncity, Capetown ,and more...Then after 3 years I went to Dubai after which I came back to India.And for the last 8 years have been staying in New Delhi.Then In 2012 I went to France and Switzerland.Now I still am a Student.