Bhavya kaushik

Whenever I begin to write anything about myself, I always wonder what I should write about. Should I write about the person who I used to be, the person who I’m right now in presence or the person that I would be in prospect. They are all three divergent persons with an entirely different soul reciting in their mortal body. Though time changes everything but there are few things which actually never amend and correspondingly there is someone underneath me who stands still even in midst all the commotion..

I'm a writer, writer of my own life.

Writing is not just my passion but it is the definition of my life. I write for whatever I strongly feel something about. My writings are always composite and there is always some or other kind of metaphor behind them. I never ever write about something which can’t be real or something with which people are unable to relate themselves with.

I believe that everything in this world happens for a reason, though the reason may not be known to us always. But nothing is co-incidence, everything is destiny.

People love to interact with me and you can always find me consoling one or other friend of mine. I'm still learning a lot from this life and still writing about it. Meanwhile, I guess...I will just LIVE !