Brian Francis Herffron Poet/Director/Novelist

Small Business Owner in Los Angeles, California

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Brian Francis Heffron’s debut novel, Colorado Mandala, mines the complex landscape of 1970s post-Vietnam America to chart the love triangle of a former Green Beret, his lover, and a young wanderer. Colorado Mandala straddles the line between the "literary", and the "young adult" genres, and distills the author's poetic sensibility into a deeply lyrical work of fiction.

After Brian Francis Heffron achieved a bachelor of Fine Arts in Writing Degree from Emerson College, he navigated across the Atlantic Ocean under sail (and found Gibraltar), was Director of Photography on “The Imported Bridegroom” a tiny Indy film that received a national theatrical release, created a heart-rending poetry blog in his Facebook "Notes" that drew an avid, dedicated, and international audience, and, all the while, wrote, produced, and directed hundreds of hours of educational TV programming for KLCS, the only PBS Station in Los Angeles.

On Valentine's Day 2010 he published a handmade poetry chapbook that sold out in three weeks! "Sustain Me with Your Breath" then became, and remains, a promotional e-book sensation.

Heffron followed that up with “Something You Could Touch”, a one hour spoken word poetry CD that broke sales records in its category.

Heffron has also won Emmys, Tellys, Aurora, Literacy in Media, Videographers and the Davis Award, among others plaudits for both writing and television.

  • Education
    • BFA of Fine Art in Writing from Emerson College