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Ms. Regina

#1 Best Selling Author, International Speaker, and Visionary Founder, BHEIRS in Rochester, New York

Ms. Regina

#1 Best Selling Author, International Speaker, and Visionary Founder, BHEIRS in Rochester, New York

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Ladies, Serving and Struggling in silence leads to an unhealthy lifestyle for you, your family & careers. You give from the depths of your heart & soul, while your heart & soul aches in secret.

I created a space for you to serve, be healthy, happy and successful. Beginning with solace!

Hi, I am Regina, the Visionary Founder of BHEIRS, I encourage and engage My Sisters, in a place of solace, a place of renewal to love and give, without stress, hardness of heart or fatigue.

Serving is meant to build up, to nurture from our strengths. Yet we quietly struggle as we serve, endureing in silence.

We mask our struggles of fatigue, unhappiness, burn-out, overexertion, pretense and unfulfilled desires.

Sista please, do not forfeit your happiness and health by not honoring your Self. Give your family and careers your best. Keep yourself Full, POUR into YOU.

When you participate in or view my "Heart Truth" Chats, you enter into conversations that creates 'ah-ha' moments that propels you to LOVE YOURSELF. My Programs are Authentic Journeys to the otherside of your pain, trials and tribulations', there you'll meet your Greater! My Events create your unapologetic desires of genuine Happiness! My Retreats embrace you with Pampering Indulgencies!

BHEIRS is commited to Solace, Success and SELFLOVE covered with much needed genuine Laughter!

For years my family, career, church, community, and friends where in front of who I was and needed. Reality hit hard when I was forced to remove my 'super-woman' mask after the death of my father, followed by my divorce. I felt alone, unhappy, tired, stressed-out and unable to function as my 'Best Self'. I tried hard to mask, deny I wasn't my BEST.

After trial and era and much prayer and steadfastness I learned how and why being MY Priority created a healthier, happier Me. I am Blessed, NOW, to serve without stress and give without quilt.

As I serve others in Health Disparities & Wellness initiatives it's on my terms. I've learned to enjoy me through my Fitness practices, Traveling, Gardening and Decorating, all without guilt. Because I am My Priority I am healthier, happier and more successful.

When we adopt the practice of SelfLove, serving from our healthy happy place, we then move to the OTHERSIDE of our circumstances. It is Here we meet our GREATER. The Real Strong Woman!

#SELFLOVE is met on our journeys at

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