Ms. Regina

Founder, Event Planner, and Speaker in Rochester, New York

Ms. Regina

Founder, Event Planner, and Speaker in Rochester, New York

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Ladies, Serving and Struggling in silence often leads to an unhealthy lifestyle & business. You serve others, from the debts of your heart, let me help you serve from a healthier, happier place. It begins with what really matters and that's you!

Hi, I am Regina, the Founder of B.H.E.I.R.S. I encourage Women of the Black Diaspora, to Serve themselves first through SELF-LOVE practices so they will be better able to serve those they love ...

I understand serving others is in our genes. I also understand by Not Serving ourselves first we're killing ourselves softly while we continue to strongly endure our struggles in silence. Our struggles mask as fatigue, unhappiness, burn-out, overexertion, pretense or unfulfilled desires.

Sistas, our shared stories creates such a wealth of happiness, health and power. I've provide space for intentional conversations that creates 'ah-ha' moments with my, "Heart Truth" Chats. My Programs leads you on an authentic journey to your 'Best Self to the otherside of the pain, trials and tribulations'. My Events created feelings of unapologetic Happiness! My Retreats, well just say, SELF-LOVE!!! They are ALL created to bring you to a place of SELFLOVE that will propel you to your BEST SELF and SUCCESSES!

For many years I put my family, career, church, community, and friends in the forefront of who I was and needed. Reality hit hard when I was forced to remove my 'super-woman' mask after the death of my father, followed by my divorce. I felt alone, unhappy, tired, stressed-out and I was unable to function as my 'Best Self'.

After trial and era and much prayer and steadfastness I learned how important being MY Priority was and how it created a healthier, happier Me. I not only discovered how, I began to serve without stress and give without quilt.

As I continue to serve in Health Disparities & Wellness initiatives and as a Community Advocacy, I do so on my terms. I am so much more able to enjoy my Fitness practices, Traveling, Gardening and Decorating without guilt. I am All the happier, healthier and available to serve others because of my decision and tools to put me 1st!

Join me and other women who have discovered how to serve from their healthier, happier, SELFLOVE practices of overflow and get to the OTHERSIDE.

I look forward to sharing with you how you can operate from your OVERFLOW. Click below to visit BHEIRS on facebook or to send me a message via email. Visit @POUR f

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