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Writer, Entrepreneur, and Digital Marketer in Johannesburg North, South Africa

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By Bhekumuzi Mdakane

Teach thy creature


Teach thy creature how to live, plant thy seed of legacies to come, and let your fellow lifeforms inspire you to find your purest heart.

Go, go and find that awakened piece of yourself in the morning of July, and so the power of Will shall be understood from the good deeds you are to do.

An angelic action they'll call your work, but just the sheer purpose of humanity you will define.

Your divine self is the key, one that's igniting the sparks within every lifeform and turning them into flames that warm up the cold hearted.

Those who listen are to be teachers, students will test the patience of your last lesson, with information they too barely understand.

"You're making a mistake!!" They will say, utters of a sinner, but a rare lesson you are preparing for them.

To sin is to miss the point, a plot or target, it derives from the ancient Greek language. A sinner is he who misunderstood.

Smile at those that curse you, for a cursor can only imagine the purpose of life through the blinds, as you walk out the door as free and pure.

Ego is the master of riddles, putting words spoken into hate speeches and hiding the truth to enslave the purest heart.

Forgive those who despitefully use you, he who takes thy cloke and forbid not a soul from taking thy coat also.

Guilt is a lesson which the soul gives to the heart, a reminder that we are human and we're born to love.

A great teacher is one that loves every lesson learnt as a student, And great student is one that learns how to teach.

Regrets are for sinners, Love everything in everyone for everyday freedom, it is in everyway possible, a life we all deserve to Live.

Teach thy creature how to Live in every heart.


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