Bobby Hesley

Consultant in Madison Heights, Michigan

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Knowing how the Son of God Himself was not spared from suffering, Bobby Hesley is thankful that despite being just an adopted son of God, he has had the opportunity to share in God’s glory in the midst of his own experiences of suffering. Things were so bad when he was fifteen that Bobby Hesley slept clutching the cross to himself, not out of superstition and fear of demons and other creatures, but because he just loved the Lord so much in the midst of what he went through. He bore the yoke in his youth, but it has never made Bobby Hesley waver from his Catholic Faith. Doing God’s will was a natural thing since his youth. He was consoled by meaningful verses in the Holy Bible and his faith was bolstered by his love for the Lord. Bobby Hesley believes deeply that the Lord is his salvation and only his faith can save him during the darkest, most trying times.

Jesus protected him during everything he went through, and Bobby Hesley additionally feels that he was not spared from suffering because the Lord wanted to purify him for a greater purpose or glory. Bobby’s father passed away due to cancer back in 1996. Bobby’s adolescence may have been defined by confusion, suffering and pain, but he did not allow those to define what he has become now. The macho culture that he grew up in did not make him turn out the way his father expected him to, someone who slept around and just wanted to prove they were real men who could take on the world. Instead, Bobby Hesley took it as an opportunity to prove that with God’s love, he could rise up a better man than what his father envisioned him to be, a God-fearing man, someone who loved God above all and who cared for and cherished his family.