Visiting Angels

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Tallmadge, OH 44278, United States

(330) 733-1532

After many years of being the caretakers in the family, an elderly loved one will soon need the same compassion in return. For many elderly individuals, independent living will become a burden, and those tasks that once seemed so easy may now require the help of someone else.Visiting Angels of Akron, Oh

is that someone else.Visiting Angels senior care service provides quality home care, as well as those non-medical home care services your loved one needs most.Visiting Angels is a branch-based independent

care provider that works especially with seniors who would rather live at home

than move into a senior center, but who need help in managing their daily tasks.

From running errands to making meals to providing bathing assistance and

medication management, each dedicated Visiting Angels caregiver is skilled and

ready to help.Each

caregiver at Visiting Angels is thoroughly screened for criminal history and a general track record

of any kind. Each provider of in-home

care for seniors has to be certified and trained in elderly care or has

to have an extensive employment history in the senior services industry. Individuals with Alzheimer's are at risk of wandering away or causing

harm to themselves and others when left to their own devices. Visiting Angels' caregivers are equipped to care for seniors with different types of dementia. They strive to make elderly in-home care engaging and interactive,

while still remaining educational to the families dealing with the onset of the condition. With Visiting

Angels you can find peace of mind knowing that your elderly loved ones are

receiving the quality in-home care they deserve. Call (330) 733-1532 or find out more about elder care and visit the senior care serviceonline.