Brian Hickman

Brian Hickman

Brian Hickman (Producer, Writer Director)was born at West Point military academy on November 22, 1977. As a military brat he grew up constantly on the move living in places like Kentucky, Florida, Hawaii, and Alaska’s just to name a few. He has attended over 17 schools growing up and upon graduating high school he decided to forgo his learning of filmmaking for serving in the military. He joined the United States Navy while still a junior in high school and upon graduating went to boot camp in Great Lakes, Illinois just a little over a week later.

While in the military, Brian was stationed aboard the USS Mobile Bay CG53, stationed in Yokosuka, Japan and Assault Craft Unit One in Coronado, California. While serving onboard the USS Mobile Bay, his ship wasthe first American Military ship to visit Hong Kong after the turnover of the territory to China from the British.

Among the many countries that Brian had the opportunity tovisit numerous countries, Australia, Russia, Djibouti, Seychelles, Thailand,Hong Kong, and Singapore just to name a few. During his time in the military he had the opportunity to learn and understand different cultures and his travels just inspired him to continue to follow his dream of making films.

Upon leaving the military he decided to begin following hisdream of becoming a director and a photographer. He began studying Telemedia atSouthwestern Community College in Chula Vista, California before moving to LosAngeles to finish his schooling at Columbia College Hollywood where he earnedhis Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Film and Television in 2008.

Soon after graduating from Columbia College Hollywood he began studying photography at Art Institute of Hollywood for about a year andin September 2011 began studying for his masters degree at New York Film Academy. In September of 2013, Brian graduated with a Masters of Fine Arts degree in filmmaking.

During his studies, Brian had the opportunity to work on numerous film productions on independent films to a PSA for the Veterans Affairs. Brian is also a member of the Veterans of Film and Television.