Yash Bhika

Student in Athens, Georgia

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My name is Yash, and my dream is to one day work for ESPN as a sports anchor. This dream may seem to be far fetched, but I have taken strides to accomplish this goal. One way I am already achieving my goal is that I have started writing for The Red & Black. The Red & Black is a student run newspaper company that covers everything from UGA sports to stuff that is happening in the local Athens area. I am grateful to be given the oppurtunity to work there, and I know I have to make this count. I can make it count by always giving it my all, and making sure that I am producing the best possible content that I can put out there. This semester I will be covering the Women's golf beat. I know I will enjoy covering this beat, but it will come with its challenges. The best thing I can do is to make sure that I learn from my mistakes. Being part of The Red & Black will also give me a chance to be part of the media, and it will teach me how the media works. The main thing that I take away while working at The Red & Black is that if I put my mind to the task nothing will stop me from achieving my goal.