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My name is Bhima heiress of the warrior clan "Nebiru" of the Vishnuh-Society.

Thus says the doctrine of Vishnuh: "be careful with self-criticism accompanied the realization that life on this earth is valuable....

.... Accept yourself first with the good and the bad qualities or bad behavior, try to control them, even negative energies are manageable, by controlling it teaches you to live with your inner conflicts. The inner conflicts in humans are diverse, but the five main ones are, greed, ambition, envy, wrath and haughtiness. These are the five(5) major enemies of human peace. If this intrinsic enemies would be wiped out, we would enjoy the peace of the heart. If one is aware of here, and are not guided by selfishness, then one is able to find the positive in themselves. It is necessary to stabilize mental peace and balance of mind.

Ladies and gentlemen,

The Vishnuh-Society is an ancient body of non-religious cosmopolitans (world citizens), which from its philanthropic base and empiricism will help fellow humans to sustain healthy and good life according to its age-old educational system. Since the Society is not eligible for subsidy, they have to rely on other people. Therefore they are looking for in this way sponsors and donors to achieve its goals. Thanks in advance.

Thus says the doctrine of Vishnuh:

"Who does not want to hear our story should just buttoning his ears. And who does not want to know the truth should not read our essays and books. And if the shoe fits, wear it!"

By Putuh-Agheng: Bhima Siyang

On behalf of the Vishnuh-Society

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