Bhomik Bahal

I am Bhomik, a 24 year old wanna be software developer. I am a son, a boyfriend(Will get married soon), a brother, a friend etc.etc.etc. In India, there is no shortage of relations. I love to watch movies mostly Science fiction and play Table Tennis(That's the only game I am good at). This was about my personal life.

I don't have much to talk about my professional life as it has just started. I am an I.T. Engineer trying my luck in coding. That's all I think of these days, Thanks to Mr.Gaurav Mantri(My Boss). I was in Bangalore(The Silicon Valley Of India) since last 2 years learning new things, hopping from 1 company to another trying to give a kick start to my career. Learnt new things, made friends, had a lot of fun. Now I am back to Udaipur, the world's most beautiful city. I have neither gone out of India nor have seen all the places in India but your hometown where you have grown up seems to be the most beautiful(Atleast for me).

On this Blog,I will keep on sharing my experiences. Things I learnt or working on or may be something I can't think of right now.