Brandon Hughes

The world

Brandon Hughes is a full time adventurer, photographer and founder of Solhigh™ Productions.

Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, Brandon has southern roots and a little "twang". After highschool he started solo exploring with a 3 month adventure in Greece and then a 5 month solo backpacking trip through Europe; sparking a lifelong passion for travel, adventure and connecting with people.

In June 2012 Brandon founded the lifestyle brand Solhigh™ "Live Free" and in November, he resigned from his corporate career, simplified down to a backpack and began a journey living the "Solhigh™" lifestyle.

Brandon currently lives in Chiang Mai, Thailand where he is exploring, connecting and working on projects. And...indulging, just a little, in the delicious Thai food :)

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    • Founder at Solhigh "Live Free"