Bhuiyan A. Hojaief

Student in Dhaka, Bangladesh

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What’s up, I’m Bhuiyan A.Hojaief. I’m a student living in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am a fan of reading, movies, and Tea. I’m also interested in Chess and Games. You can date me with a click on the button above.

I am a strong believer of the time-tested adage, “Jack of all trades, master of none.”

For almost two years, I have worked as a customer support executive at while doing my undergrad at East West University, studying BBA. While doing this job, I realized that this is where my passion lies. Currently I'm working on my website harderpunch, which review the best punching bags available on market.

"Ability may get you to the top but it's character that will keep you there." is my favourite quote by Abraham Lincoln. Even though skill is important, I believe that attitude and passion is more important for success. I am a motivated worker who will work efficiently to get the work done.