Bhupendra Jadeja

Web Developer, Software Engineer, and Project Manager in Bhavnagar, India

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“Silence makes the loudest hear” holds true with me. I talk little, act more; question little, answer more; and most importantly I speak of myself a little, but the work says a 1000 words.

Nurtured at my hometown – Bhavnagar, I cultivated 2 most important qualities. The first one is HELP and the second one is LEARN. Don’t know why, but from childhood itself I started to follow the golden words “help to needy is service to god” and imbibed it deeply.

New things, new features gave me Goosebumps and this resulted into development of my second most important skill – “to learn, and share the same”. Computer was my favorite toy since kid and that’s the reason I opted for M.C.A. My everyday learnings with discipline helped me place myself as one of the toppers at Atmiya College, Rajkot. Today, I provide my knowledge to Indies Inc – Bhavnagar, as a Sr. Magento developer.

“Adopt to change” is my life’s moto which helped to stay calm yet confident, silent yet strong during peak days. I count on FRIENDS and FAMILY as my biggest strengths since whatever I’m today is because of their immense support and love. My hygiene stays on Coding because that’s my favorite area of expertise. From simplest of the simple website to largest of the large Ecommerce store – I’m into everything. During my free hours, I prefer singing which turns out to be a horrible experience for the listeners. Apart, I spend my time in helping the young talents grow in this digital world and share my valuable knowledge with the best minds. Thus, you can call me Quiet Ocean, whose waves are “help” and “learn” and which floats through “sharing”.

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    • Make every one happy
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    • MCA With Lot Of FUn wid Friends . MIss them too :(