Bhupendra Pratap Singh

Student, Writer, and Photographer in Allahabad, India

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I am Bhupendra Pratap Singh belonging to India and I live in Allahabad city,a holy land of Ganga,Yamuna and Saraswati.

I am a Student(are you?) and pursuing in Electronics & Communication from United Institute of Technology,Naini,Allahabad,it's my third semester now:)

Beside all these I am a good reader,writer,presenter and a technocrat and that's why I am here with you.My journey has just started as a blogger and all I need is your support and love.

My Inspiration are these three person :)

1. Mr.Bill Gates,

2.Mr.Steve Jobs and

3. Mr.Mark Zuckerberg

All these three,always inspire and motivate me but I have never been able to pick my favourite :( (you help me!)

I dream to be a great businessman but today I dream to be a successful entrepreneur.But from where to start...?

Now a days I am learning Core my summer vacations course.

Oh!That's my stupid bio you don't go with it,you just be happy and let others be happy....