Brian Hursey

I am a 28 year old photographer living in Oakwood Georgia. My goal as a photographer is to provide as pleasing and memorable of an image as I can; something you will cherish and share throughout the years. My passion is family portraits and photo shoots. My inspiration came from my daughter and my nieces. I don't know what it is about doing photo shoots with kids, but it's just fun. I mainly do family photography and event photography with my wife Katrina. We work as a team during photo shoots, trying to make it as fun, creative and pleasing as possible. In my free time I really enjoy city and architectural photography, documenting historical and older buildings from the past. I have had a chance to go to locations like Augusta GA, Boston MA, New Orleans LA, and Washington DC. The architecture of buildings in theses cities is amazing. I love meeting new people and I hope to meet and work with many of you in the future.