Bhushan Mahajan

Software Engineer, Project Manager, and Art Director in India

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Howdy, I’m Bhushan.. I am a fan of photography, shotcrete technology, and coffee. I’m also interested in parapet wall and CMU wall. You can attend cavity wall and retaining wall construction and used types of wood in a seasoning of timber.

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What Is Anti Termite Treatment?

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What Is Structural Load?

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What Is Skirting?

Skirtingtilesare the Tiles or

What Is Building Layout?

A building layoutindicates the Are Bridges?

obstaclelike a stream, river, canal, valley, heavy traffic road, etc.

The following are types of bridges based on various parameters,

Steel pilesand steel pipe Architects must have ofarchitectural symbols and signs that

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OTSis full form is Open To Sky.It is other translucent material.Open To Sky (OTS) is an area in a of material, etc. Types of Stoneis the prime materialof building

What Is Canal Irrigation?

A canal Irrigationis an artificial channel,

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