Bhushan Kulkarni

Bhushan Kulkarni is the active members of All India Youth Congress - Gujarat Born on April 15, 1982 in Ahmedabad is the son of Ashokbhai T. Kulkarni. Bhushan Kulkarni is holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Management from the B.K. Majmumdar College of Business Manaement (H.L. Campus) from Gujarat University. Bhushan Kulkarni lived in Ahmedabad as an active student of Commerce stream and studying well with his subjects and enjoying college life with his friends at Gujarat University. He is belongs to very normal family and his parents always help him for betterment of education and education system. Bhushan Kulkarni’s decision to enter the student union leadership is to help the needy students. He started his career and join National Students’ Union of India in the year of 2001. Initially he did creative and social activities for betterment of Student’s Management Skill, with various activities like blood donation programme as well as making students to aware get best education from education system. Meanwhile he found students are facing various difficulties from college management and education system, then after he start working to solve Student’s problems. He never stop his social activities, during study he arranged numbers of activities in various areas of eastern part of Ahmedabad. He collected more than 3000 units of blood till date and making an example to youth to save life and donate blood with the association of Civil, Prathma as well as Green Cross and Help Blood Bank. He honoured as a Social Ambassador of Prathma Blood Bank. His voluntary donation is more than 16 times. To promote social activities he started his own group of youth with the name of East Zone Youth Oraganization. He did various non-political programmes under this organization. This Organization works to pay tribute to the martyrs and support to their family members. Bhushan Kulkarni has the various types of Hobbies like reading books, social activities, long drive, net surfing. Feel free to call on 98 795 1 2527